EDITORIAL: Remember the 200,000 Americans who have died from covid-19 — and vote

Patricia Edwards. William Pursell. Carlos Vallejo. Betty McBride. Alfonso Cardenas. Tom Seaver. Johnny Lee Peoples and his wife, Cathy Darlene. Tootie Robbins. Mac Hodges. Robert Rhodes. Gilbert Polanco. Eli Sevener. Say their names. Remember their lives. Mourn their deaths. And be angry — very angry — that these people — an intensive care nurse, a musician, a doctor, a counselor, a local soccer club coach, a baseball legend, a couple married for 48 years, a son of sharecroppers who made it to the NFL, the mayor of a North Carolina town, a law professor, a longtime correctional officer and a 19-year-old just starting out in life — have been added to the United States’ mounting death toll from the coronavirus pandemic. (Wash Post)

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