Mohler:Stop Playing Croquet

This was supposed to be a blog about hope. It was supposed to shine a light on all that is good about our nation despite our current divisions. And then Justice Ruth Bader Ginsberg left us. The outline that I had been carrying around in my head no longer seemed relevant. It didn’t capture the reality of the despair that so many are feeling. Why? Because elections have consequences, and those consequences have never been clearer.  With the passing of Justice Ginsberg, Donald Trump and his Republican sycophants are about to replace one of the great legal minds of our time with a justice whose judicial philosophy is, shall we say, more than just a tad to the right of center. By all accounts the replacement will be a middle age female jurist who will serve for decades and who will take away health care from millions of Americans, deprive women of their reproductive rights, and decimate the environment. (DonMohler)

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