An Op-Ed Response -- Environmentalists: Jobs Are Absolutely a Priority, As Is a Clean Chesapeake Bay

Editor's Note: The South River Federation contacted Center Maryland and asked for an opportunity to respond to recent opinion pieces published on the state's proposed new stormwater regulations. By Erik Michelsen In the month since the legislative session began in Annapolis, there has already been a tremendous amount of discussion and debate about new stormwater regulations, the health of the Chesapeake Bay, and the ailing economy. Some have attempted to couch the discussion as one of jobs versus the environment. Those of us working on our rivers and the Chesapeake Bay on a daily basis recognize that’s a false choice. One needed to look no further than the groups of watermen huddled on Lawyer’s Mall in January, asking the legislature to take urgent action to save their jobs, jobs endangered because of abysmal water quality and the continued degradation of the Chesapeake, to understand that Maryland jobs and the health of... Continue reading
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VIDEO: Why Invest in Public Transit?

Center Maryland co-founder Otis Rolley -- who is also president of the Central Maryland Transportation Alliance -- makes the case for greater, and smarter, investment in public transit. ... Continue reading
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Center Maryland on Fox 45's Morning News

Center Maryland co-founders Steve Kearney and Martin Knott sit down to talk about Center Maryland and Maryland Politics with Fox 45's Patrice Harris one recent morning. ... Continue reading
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Josh Kurtz: Unsolicited Advice for Ehrlich -- Wait Till 2014

When Larry Hogan folded his tent last week and said he would not run for governor because he expected former Gov. Bob Ehrlich (R) to do so, it was taken as a given: Ehrlich’s running. A couple of days later, the Maryland Democratic Party filed a complaint against Ehrlich with the Federal Communications Commission, saying he had violated federal law when recently he went on Channel 45 in Baltimore and said favorable things about someone his law firm represents. Regardless of the merits of the complaint, it was a shot across the bow – a sign that Democrats not only expect Ehrlich to run, they wanted to remind him of how unpleasant they’re going to make things for him. As Election Day grows nearer, as the political picture grows bleaker for Democrats at the state and national level, it seems almost inevitable that Ehrlich is going to run. If a Republican... Continue reading
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Builders: Are Jobs Really a Priority?

By Thomas M. Farasy As the President of the Maryland State Builders Association, we support the cleanup of the Bay. We support having all of the stakeholders at the table that contribute to the pollution of the Bay and we want all of the stakeholders to have skin in the game proportional to their pollutant contribution. Without this, any goal or target will be in serious jeopardy of not yet meeting another goal. Something that none of us want. We supported the Stormwater Legislation in 2007; and we were involved to a point in the regulation vetting process. We supported the regulations in 2008 subject to grandfathering and redevelopment principles, which were not detailed until after the regulation comment period expired (May 2009). We were told “don’t worry the regulations are/will be flexible”. In October, 2009, it became crystal clear to us that there will be no grandfathering and the standards... Continue reading
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