Center Maryland, on the air

Center Maryland co-founder Otis Rolley, who is also president of the Central Maryland Transportation Alliance, joined The Marc Steiner Show Tuesday evening to talk about Governor O'Malley's fourth State of the State address. They discussed the budget, jobs, bipartisanship and other issues facing Maryland. Check out Tuesday night's broadcast by clicking here.... Continue reading
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Josh Kurtz: The Early Bird Gets the Worm?

One of the top Democratic primaries in Maryland this year is unfolding in Montgomery County, where former state Del. Cheryl Kagan is trying to take out state Sen. Jennie Forehand. The grudge match between former allies — Kagan spent eight years in Annapolis and Forehand has been there for 32 years, half of that time in the Senate — probably merits a column of its own soon. But for now, suffice it to say that if Kagan wins, part of the reason will be because she has been campaigning for so long. Kagan put out the word that she was running at the end of 2008, and has methodically built a strong campaign — stumping the Rockville-Gaithersburg district full time, raising money aggressively, lining up support, and building a rationale for sending a well-liked incumbent home. But as you look around the state, pondering potentially competitive races, the wonder is that... Continue reading
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Fight gearing up in Annapolis over proposed employee break bill

By Tom LoBianco With jobs and economic relief at the top of most political agendas this year, state lawmakers are again pushing for legislation that would mandate work breaks for employees. The bill, currently being drafted, is expected to be similar to last year’s measure, which called for mandatory breaks for workers who log four or more consecutive hours. “We’ve heard enough from folks, that it does need to be addressed,” said House Economic Matters Committee Chairman Dereck Davis, who plans to file the measure soon. “We want to do something that is not too onerous on business, but by the same token ensure that our workers have certain basic rights in the workplace,” said Davis, a Prince George’s County Democrat. Last year’s proposal mandated that employees be given a 15-minute break for working at least four consecutive hours, and a 30-minute break for working more than six consecutive hours. The... Continue reading
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NEW FEATURE -- Thursday’s List: The Campaign Cash Dash

Every election year, pundits like to pontificate about who can win and why. This year is no different. You’ll hear them say: There is anger in the land. Revolution is in the air. People want change (or maybe change from change). But every year – in mid-January – we get the best indicator of who is up and who is down… Who is going to win and who is just fooling himself or herself. Sure, every once in a while, an underfunded underdog takes flight. But that happens about as often as any other kind of dog flies. Just like most other places in America, in the political world, the golden rule holds – and money is king. So here are this year’s winners of the money primary, based on the cash they have on hand in their campaign accounts: 1) Governor Martin O’Malley ………………….……$5,720,000 2) Attorney General Doug Gansler ………………..$2,083,620... Continue reading
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The fight for Common Sense has been going on for years

Center Maryland friend Tim Maloney wrote about the need for more common sense in Maryland's political process, in an engaging and insightful essay published more than five years ago in the Washington Post. Maloney laid out his vision for what he described at "The Common Sense Party," dedicated to finding solutions to Maryland's problems and renouncing the political extremes. "There's a vacuum in the center for political leaders who put the public interest ahead of the interest groups," he wrote. Check out his essay, and consider how much his message holds true today. Standing for The 'Common Sense Party'... Continue reading
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