Clayton Mitchell: Queen Anne's Co. should support training center

President Andrew Jackson once said, “Eternal vigilance by the people is the price of liberty, and that you must pay the price if you wish to secure the blessing.” If today’s date was September 11, 2001, and the federal government asked the citizens of Queen Anne’s County for its assistance in fighting the War on Terror, no one among us would have refused the government’s request. We would have stood in line to volunteer to do anything and everything we could, just as we stood in line to donate blood and enlist in the armed forces in the aftermath of the terrorist attacks. Today, the war continues to rage on many fronts. From Iraq and Afghanistan to India and Yemen, as well as a hundred other flashpoints around the globe, our soldiers and intelligence officers are on patrol and ever vigilant. For those Queen Anne’s Countians who may have forgotten the... Continue reading
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Budget woes hit state economic development agency hard

By Tom LoBianco Gov. Martin O’Malley’s election-year mantra is “jobs, jobs, jobs,” but budget troubles have whittled away at the agency tasked with drawing business to Maryland, and other priorities – education in particular – have trumped business development initiatives. O’Malley’s latest spending plan, introduced Wednesday, strips about $6 million from the Department of Business and Economic Development’s current year budget – a pittance when compared to the entire $13.2 billion operating budget but sizable for an agency with a budget that has hovered around $100 million over the last few years. The cuts come as Maryland is attempting to lure Northrop Grumman’s corporate headquarters, and thousands of military contracting jobs, away from Virginia or the District of Columbia. Tie in with that Black and Decker’s announcement it will be closing its Towson headquarters and a gubernatorial election in less than 10 months, and the pressure to create work in a... Continue reading
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Center Maryland, on the air

Center Maryland co-founders Steve Kearney and Otis Rolley appeared on The Marc Steiner Show (WEAA 88.9 FM) on Thursday, Jan. 21. They talked about the Maryland budget and state politics, and described some of Center Maryland's goals. Listen to the complete broadcast here.... Continue reading
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More candidates, more campaign finance data

The 2009 campaign fund-raising season officially ended Jan. 13. Maryland politicians – and would-be politicians – were required to file their annual finance reports with state officials this week. With the November elections just around the corner, Center Maryland has gone through the data to determine how much candidates raised over the past year, and how much money they have on hand to spend. Center Maryland pulled together data on some of the prominent state officials, and also tried to pick out candidates (or rumored candidates) from some of what appear to be Maryland’s competitive races. For some candidates, their data had not yet been posted to the state’s campaign finance website as of Monday night. As soon as their numbers become available, we’ll add their names and totals. (Note: We only analyzed the main accounts for candidates, and -- except for the governor's race -- did not include separate "slate"... Continue reading
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Editorial: A stormwater idea for Maryland

The news yesterday that Virginia has put its new stormwater regulations on hold is an approach worth consideration by Maryland, where officials are struggling with mounting complaints over their own new stormwater rules. As reported by Center Maryland and elsewhere, developers and some local officials are sharply critical of Maryland’s new regulations, which are set to go into effect in May. The new regulations aim to ensure that runoff from developments is no greater than it was prior to the construction – forcing developers to follow an “environmental site design” aimed at reducing pavement and allowing more stormwater to soak directly into the ground. But the rules, opponents argue, may actually undermine Maryland’s cherished goals of promoting “Smart Growth” and redevelopment, instead expanding suburban sprawl. They also argue that the new rules will have a major impact on jobs – from the tens of thousands who work in the construction industry,... Continue reading
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