A neighboring state delays new stormwater regulations

New stormwater regulations proposed for Virginia have been put on hold, in part due to widespread opposition from developers and builders. The Virginian-Pilot reports that Virginia's proposed new regulations are opposed as being too complex and putting too many limits on development -- particularly in this time of economic recession. Maryland is in the midst of a similar debate, as new stormwater rules in the state -- set to take effect in May -- are being criticized by developers as undermining Smart Growth and discouraging redevelopment in urban areas. Read The Virginian-Pilot article here: Panel puts hold on new rules for stormwater Watch for continued coverage of the stormwater management issues at Center Maryland. Previous stormwater coverage from Center Maryland Developers and environmentalists battle over new stormwater rules Developers fear new stormwater regulations will undermine Smart Growth ... Continue reading
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The latest statewide poll

Gonzales Research & Marketing Strategies of Annapolis released its latest statewide poll today, providing insight into what Marylanders are thinking as we enter 2010. The economy remains the key concern for voters, with 54 percent saying it's the most important issue facing the state, followed by 11 percent saying it's health care. The poll also looked at next year's contests for governor and the U.S. Senate, as well as voters' views on President Obama. Read the entire 19-page report on the poll results here: Maryland Media Poll January 2010... Continue reading
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Don Fry on the Legislative Session

"Invest our money where we need to." Continue reading
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Josh Kurtz: Miller Time Comes Early

In most of his 24 years as president of the Maryland Senate — and yes, that’s a record, in case you had any doubts — Thomas V. Mike Miller Jr. (D) has largely kept mum about his goals as each legislative session begins. Let the governor (Miller has overlapped with four) lay out his priorities; let the House speaker (Miller has worked with three) do the same. Miller’s strategy most years is to keep quiet, see what develops, then swoop in at the end, often when the outcome of a big legislative fight is uncertain, to cut a deal. It’s a very canny approach. It makes a very powerful position (and man) all the more powerful; it leaves Miller’s enemies — and his allies — guessing; and it usually puts him in the driver’s seat at the most critical moments in a legislative session. So when Miller last week broke with... Continue reading
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Developers and environmentalists battle over new stormwater rules

By Julie Turkewitz Members of Maryland’s environmental and development communities met Friday to continue an impassioned discussion about the impact of stormwater management regulations that will go into effect in May. At least 200 people packed a conference room in Baltimore, filling long cafeteria-like tables and lining the back and side walls to hear a panel of individuals – including developers and representatives from the Department of the Environment– defend and critique the new regulations. The forum, sponsored by the Task Force on the Future for Growth and Development in Maryland, allowed developers to present fears about the way the new requirements will affect their projects and the state. The task force asked that they make specific suggestions as to how to monitor the after-effects of the new provisions, assuming they are permitted to go forward. The turnout reflected the importance of a seemingly technical issue and demonstrated that many believe... Continue reading
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