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Dr. Leana Wen: The Case for Investing in the Public’s Health

Later this month, leaders from both major parties will convene for their national conventions to officially determine their respective candidates for President and Vice President. They will also formally adopt their party platforms that will guide their visions for our nation's future. A few weeks ago, I had the distinct opportunity to speak before the Democratic National Committee’s Platform Drafting Committee, chaired by our own Congressman Elijah Cummings, to make the case for why public health should not just have a seat at the table, but be leading the conversation on driving the future of our country. This is my testimony: Good afternoon, Chairman Cummings and members of the Platform Drafting Committee. I am here as the Health Commissioner of Baltimore City to speak about the health threats faced by communities across America. In the ER, I see patients who are desperately seeking help for drug addiction and mental illness. They know they need... Continue reading
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Kalman R. Hettleman: The Roots of Inequality in Baltimore: What Schools Can and Can’t Do

In an article in these pages last week, Dr. Leana S. Wen, Baltimore Commissioner of Health, wrote insightfully about public health’s role in “Tackling the Roots of Inequality in Baltimore.” Needless to say, city public schools must also play an indispensable leading part. But exactly how much can city schools do, and not do? And who’s to blame for what they now don’t do? At least 75 per cent of city students fail to meet national literacy standards, and other large school systems nationwide do no better.   Political rhetoric, right and left, gets in the way of clear answers. Both sides start from the same point: the landmark study in 1966 by Johns Hopkins University sociologist James S. Coleman showing that school resources mean less in determining student achievement than family economic and educational background. The point remains indisputable, but many conservatives and liberals take it too far and let... Continue reading
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Sponsored Content | Doug Bradley: A Belated ‘Welcome Home’ for Vietnam Vets

I have to admit that for me — and I daresay for many of my fellow Vietnam veterans — two of the hardest days of the year are Memorial Day and Veterans Day. While much of the country goes overboard for those 48 hours, heaping abundant amounts of praise, gratitude and salutations upon us, we are haunted by the memories of those fellow soldiers and Marines we’ve lost and those who, even after they came back to America, never really made it home. Maybe that’s why tens of thousands of Vietnam veterans and their family members from across Maryland, Delaware, Pennsylvania and Virginia will gather at the Maryland State Fairgrounds in Timonium, Md., for Father’s Day weekend 2016 (June 18 and 19). There, a two-day tribute event, dubbed LZ Maryland (LZ stands for Landing Zone in Vietnam parlance), will be held as part of a Vietnam War 50th anniversary observance coordinated by of the... Continue reading
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Dr. Leana S. Wen: Tackling the Roots of Inequality in Baltimore

One year ago, following the tragic death of 25 year-old Freddie Gray and the period of civil unrest that followed, many were telling a “tale of two Baltimores:” the story of a city that epitomized urban inequality, where residents saw a 20-year gap in life expectancy between neighborhoods just a few miles apart. But there is another story too often left untold—one of intervention, prevention, and early investment—that is changing outcomes for young people and redefining Baltimore as a city of recovery and resilience. In the immediate aftermath last April, we at the Baltimore City Health Department, like many, spurred to immediate action. We set up a prescription medication and food delivery program to assist vulnerable individuals impacted by 13 burned, looted and closed pharmacies. We canvassed senior buildings and provided outreach at more than 150 churches for social services. We provided transportation to chemotherapy and dialysis appointments, and coordinated emergency... Continue reading
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Joseph DeMattos of the Health Facilities Association of Maryland: Long term and post-acute care advocates from Maryland gather on Capitol Hill

By Joseph DeMattos, MAPresident and CEO Health Facilities Association of Maryland As the CEO and President of Maryland’s largest and oldest nationally affiliated association representing skilled nursing and rehabilitation centers, I am asked by business and government leaders, friends, and family this question nearly every day: “Five or ten years from now, will there be such a thing as a nursing home?” The answer is absolutely yes. Today and tomorrow, skilled nursing and rehabilitation centers in Maryland and across the nation will be part of the solution for quality and efficient care for an aging America. We took that message to Capitol Hill recently to better equip government leaders to make informed decisions that affect the way care is delivered in the future. Leaders for the long-term and post-acute care industry from the Health Facilities Association of Maryland (HFAM) joined more than 400 health care leaders from across the nation at... Continue reading
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