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Center Maryland Editorial: Maryland’s Golden R&D Triangle – on Steroids

A year ago, the presidents of the University of Maryland’s premier public research universities – Jay Perman of Baltimore and Wallace Loh of College Park – penned an article praising joint efforts to create a research and development triangle fusing their dynamic campuses with Montgomery County’s technology-rich I-270 corridor. “Maryland's road to a stronger high-tech economy lies at the intersection of its I-95 and I-270 corridors,” they wrote in the Baltimore Business Journal. “Better integration of education, research and development in the state's two biggest innovation centers — the Washington suburbs and Baltimore — will spur success.” Taking the next big step in building one of the nation’s great regional R&D centers is a natural progression for Maryland. It is happening now in Annapolis. A bill that passed the State Senate last week would create a high-powered “strategic partnership” between UM’s flagship institution at College Park and its “founding campus” of... Continue reading
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Carmela Coyle of the Maryland Hospital Association: Hospitals: First, Do No Harm

National Patient Safety Awareness Week is March 13-19, and it’s when patient safety advocates across the nation work to increase awareness of all that is happening to reduce harm to patients as a result of healthcare-acquired conditions – those that a patient might have contracted during their hospital or nursing home stay. Here in Maryland, safety is wrapped up in everything that hospitals do, because our state does things differently.Maryland is the only state in the nation that sets the rates hospitals can charge, and our agreement with the federal government that allows this unique system tightly monitors patient safety. Hospitals are meeting aggressive goals to make sure patients have the follow-up care they need so they don’t have to return to the hospital, and to reduce infections (two longstanding measures of quality and safety for health care). As importantly in Maryland, our system is helping hospitals make great progress in... Continue reading
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Center Maryland Editorial: An Opportunity That Cannot Be Missed

Together, the University of Maryland’s premier campuses in College Park and Baltimore are poised for greatness. But for this to happen, it will take minds open to new ideas and a willingness to bring the state’s two great public research institutions together in a synergy that will make them leaders in the 21st century’s “knowledge economy.” Wallace Loh, president of the UM College Park campus, likes to say that joining his flagship institution’s 9,000 faculty/staff (including three Nobel Prize laureates and three Pulitzer Prize winners) with the Baltimore professional schools’ 6,300 faculty/staff specializing in the health sciences and law, will make the combined entity far greater than the sum of its parts. One plus one would equal far more than two, he says. Together, these UM academic/research powerhouses would produce a bonanza of collaborative inventions, spin-off commercialization and stunning breakthroughs in emerging fields of knowledge. A two-campus University of Maryland would... Continue reading
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Pat Murray of the Maryland Democratic Party: A Call for Transparency in Transportation Spending

Ever wonder how the Hogan administration makes decisions about transportation projects? To hear Transportation Secretary Pete Rahn tell it, the process would leave the late, great Stuart Scott reeling. Secretary Rahn was asked this simple question: “How does the Department prioritize the projects that are submitted by the counties?” His answer was stunning. First he said it is “not done through a computer program.” Then he said it is done “through a process that I wouldn’t necessarily call art.” Then he landed on this gem: “Putting this together is like watching a football game, and a soccer game, and a lacrosse game, and a basketball game, and they’re all on the same field, and they’re all playing their game at the same time.” That was the best the Secretary could offer to explain a six year, $16 billion plan for roads and bridges, the port, the airport, and mass transit. And... Continue reading
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Center Maryland Editorial: Growing Bigger is Better for UM

Five years ago, the University System of Maryland regents rejected joining its College Park flagship enterprise to its high-profile Baltimore professional schools. Yet today, talk of that same consolidation has strong support in the Annapolis State House and among educators. Why a renewed fervor for connecting the two campuses more closely? Because it makes so much sense in 2016 to combine these academic and research powerhouses in a “strategic partnership.” Linking the brain-power of a Big Ten flagship university (9,000 faculty/staff, research funding of $550 million) with Baltimore’s prestigious medical, legal and human services graduate schools (6,300 faculty/staff generating $6 billion in economic activity) is a winner. It didn’t look that way in 2011. City officials feared the law school would be moved to College Park. Concerns were raised about cultural compatibility. A takeover by the flagship campus was rumored. Instead of rushing into a forced marriage, the regents wisely created... Continue reading
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