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KOFA Policy Call: The Future of the ACA, Tuesday, January 10, 2017 [Audio Recording]

On Tuesday January 10th, KOFA Public Affairs hosted their first policy call of 2017 with three distinguished guests, who discussed the future of the Affordable Care Act under the Trump administration.  John Deane, Chairman for Advisory Board Consulting, Jennifer Babcock, VP for Medicaid Policy and Director of Strategic Operations, ACAP and Dr. Leana Wen, Health Commissioner for Baltimore City discussed their perspectives on what to anticipate, what the likely impact will be on health insurance coverage and how to stay informed in the coming months as President-Elect Trump moves into 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.    Click here to listen to a recording of the call:  ... Continue reading
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Press Release: Maryland Wholesale Medical Cannabis Trade Association (MedCan) Established to Advocate for Improved Public Health, Patient Access, Advancement of Science

 For Immediate Release  Contact:  Rick Abbruzzese  410-790-5002  Kate Leisner    410-685-7080   Maryland Wholesale Medical Cannabis Trade Association (MedCan) Established to Advocate for Improved Public Health, Patient Access, Advancement of Science Maryland medical cannabis growers and processors establish association to create transparency, accountability, and consistency in the state’s medical cannabis industry BALTIMORE, MARYLAND (January 6, 2017) – The Maryland Wholesale Medical Cannabis Trade Association (MedCan) announced today that it has been established to advocate for improved public health, patient access, and the advancement of science within the state’s medical cannabis industry. MedCan founding members are among growers and processors of medical cannabis selected for preliminary licenses by the Natalie M. LaPrade Maryland Medical Cannabis Commission. “MedCan is committed to fostering a favorable social, economic and legal climate for the responsible advancement of medical cannabis to improve public health and patient access in Maryland,” said Sue Quintero, Chairwoman of MedCan’s Board of Directors. “All... Continue reading
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Rick Abbruzzese: Reason First

In the shockwave following the U.S. presidential election, many Americans found it far too easy to ignore the election results in Europe this week, choosing to focus instead on our President-elect's Twitter. However, after Brexit and then Trump, I was looking to the elections in Austria and Italy this past Sunday to somehow convince me that the world had not, in fact, gone mad.   I’m not sure what I was expecting…. In Italy, Prime Minister Matteo Renzi’s reform agenda got crushed. Most interesting is that the Prime Minister’s proposed constitutional amendment would have dramatically reduced the power of the Italian Senate. If ever there was an anti-establishment agenda, curtailing the power of the Senate in Rome would have to be viewed as such – except that in this case, the reforms did not go far enough and were being proposed by the sitting prime minister, who has now offered his resignation.  While the... Continue reading
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Dr. Leana S. Wen: Fast tracking Baltimore's fight against AIDS

This week, Baltimore celebrates World AIDS Day, honoring the memories of those lost to HIV/AIDS and recommitting to the fight to eliminate this tragic disease.For decades, Baltimore City has been on the frontlines of the nation’s HIV/AIDS epidemic. In our City, there are an estimated 13,000 residents diagnosed with HIV/AIDS. For us, HIV/AIDS is not just a health issue—it is one of justice and equity. It also requires innovative, community-driven approaches to save lives. More than two decades ago, Baltimore became the first jurisdiction in Maryland—and one of the first in the country—to operate a syringe exchange program as a strategy to prevent HIV and other infections among injection drug users. This strategy has proven remarkably effective, as the percentage of people with HIV from intravenous drug use has plummeted from 63 percent in 1994 to 7 percent in 2014.  Thanks in part to the more than 50,000 HIV tests the Baltimore... Continue reading
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MedChi, NAMI Release Public Service Announcement To Urge Marylanders To Ask The Right Questions During Open Enrollment

Open Enrollment Began on November 1, 2016Click here to listen to the Open Enrollment PSA.The Maryland State Medical Society (MedChi) and the National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI) released a public service announcement urging Maryland citizens to ask the right questions during the current open enrollment period. Open enrollment, which begins this week, is a time for Marylanders to buy, change or renew their qualified health plan for 2017.“Open enrollment is a critical time for Marylanders and their families to make important decisions about their healthcare coverage and prescription medicines,” said Gene Ransom, Chief Executive Officer of MedChi. “Whether they are on Medicare, have health insurance through their employers or the Maryland Health Exchange, we urge all Marylanders to ask the right questions that can result in better health care, cost savings and continuity of care.”MedChi and NAMI recommend that Marylanders ask the following five questions about their health insurance plans... Continue reading
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