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Damian O’Doherty: Cancer Confessional – Papa’s Home

First in a series dedicated to The Johns Hopkins University’s Sidney Kimmel Comprehensive Cancer Center, music, and our power, together, to heal. We awoke slower than the morning arrived. My wife and two year old daughter lay groggy and lethargic on the bed. Still clutching each other. Two days in a row for mom and her inseparable 2-year-old. The night before, as I crept into bed after a late night at work, Alycia had said something about waiting for a test for strep from Pavilion Pediatrics. Maybe the kid had strep throat. Why not, the hits keep coming, I thought. My wife had a miscarriage just three weeks before. I shook off the weary morning and the work travel that weighed on me, setting off on a short run through Towson. It felt good to escape the sick-yellowish hue of our bedroom to the orange morning glow outside. I was running.... Continue reading
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Featured Content | The Inaugural Baltimore Brain Tumor Walk: Honoring Loss. Inspiring Hope. Funding a Cure.

Over the next several weeks, in honor of the Inaugural Baltimore Brain Tumor Walk on September 10th, Lisa, Carol, Rose, Holly, and Debra will tell their stories of adversity and unyielding hope battling brain cancer. This National Brain Tumor Society event will help fund critically needed research to find a cure. We encourage you to consider sponsorship opportunities or to walk with us.Learn more here: Continue reading
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Featured Content: Joe Curran Attempts to Thwart Robbery

“As long as I’ve lived, I’ve never seen anything like that happen; I’ve never seen anyone being attacked like that,” recalls Joe Curran, Jr., Assistant Vice President of Claims for Chesapeake Employers’ Insurance Company, as he remembers the day he witnessed a robbery and an assault. “It was Monday, July 11, and I drove to the dry cleaners to pick up my shirts after work,” says Joe. “After I paid for my dry cleaning and I turned to leave, I overheard a man, whom I assumed was a customer, asking the female clerk behind the counter how much it cost to have shirts and a suit cleaned. I walked out of the store, but then remembered that I left my cane on the counter by the cash register. When I walked back in, I noticed the man who had inquired about pricing was now standing behind the counter and had the... Continue reading
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Josh Kurtz: Meet the New Bossie

CLEVELAND – Spend just a little time with Maryland’s delegates to the Republican National Convention this week and it’s plainly apparent that this is not your father’s state GOP. Gone are stalwarts like Ellen Sauerbrey and Joyce Terhes and Audrey Scott. Louis Pope, who has held a variety of leadership posts for the state GOP over two decades, is headed out the door. So is party Chairwoman Diana Waterman. Old-time Republican liberals like Howie Denis and Connie Morella? Nowhere to be found. Heck, it’s not really Gov. Larry Hogan’s party, either. He may have shaken up Maryland’s political equilibrium with his upset victory two years ago, but he has yet to seize control of the state GOP or attempt to build it. And, of course, he is nowhere in evidence here at the convention, a self-imposed exile of political self-preservation. Andy Harris, the state’s lone Republican member of Congress, is ideologically... Continue reading
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Michael W. Davis: Setting the Record Straight on the Future of Downtown Columbia

When I attended the Howard County Council public hearing on July 14 regarding the pending TIF legislation, I was struck by a few common misunderstandings that were being discussed by some of the people providing testimony. Having been active in the Howard County civic and legal communities for over 30 years, I would like to address a few points for clarification. The TIF is not a taxpayer giveaway to Howard Hughes.  It might be better to think about it as a joint venture.  While Howard Hughes and other property owners are poised to invest the initial $618,000,000 of what will total $2.2 billion into Downtown Columbia, the County is only investing the increased tax dollars that will flow from the Hughes' investment in order to jumpstart the process.   No Taxpayer Responsibility.  The taxpayers of Howard County will not be responsible for paying for the TIF.  As set forth in the preamble to... Continue reading
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