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Desmarais: Make Face Coverings a National Mandate

Our country requires the immediate establishment of a national mandate to wear facial masks or coverings in public at all times, in any setting in which social distancing measures are not guaranteed.  Any less and we will not be able to reopen the country as safe as possible.  Recommendations are inadequate because no communities are immune to this plague.  Stones have crashed into the sea of the American populace and without dogged mitigation the waves will eventually hit us all. Will we allow it to be a tsunami or can we reduce it to ripples?  At this moment, some rural areas, such as the Delmarva Peninsula, are facing inundation.  Predictably, the most vulnerable are disproportionately represented on the list of victims.  Many of them are poultry workers.  Two million chickens in Delaware and Maryland face destruction without processing their meat because of worker shortages.  The fabric of our country is a... Continue reading
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Buckler: Dentistry in Unprecedented Times

According to “common good” is defined as “the public good: the advantage of everyone.” Over the last many weeks, we’ve all been asked to perform a lot of “common good” for our friends, neighbors, communities, state, and country. As confirmed cases of and deaths from COVID-19 continue to mount, it’s a task that many of us accept willingly in the midst of one of the greatest health crises of our time.  We’ve seen the acts of many to benefit our communities. Facebook groups are being established to help bring necessities to those who may not be able to leave their residences, hearts are being placed in windows to support #healthcareheroes, doctors and nurses are putting themselves at risk helping the sickest patients, and hospital employees are working day and night to ensure that hospitals are able to care for Marylanders.    Health care professionals across the spectrum are doing some... Continue reading
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Venetoulis: Trump - The War Time President.

Conversation between President Donald Trump and Prime Minister Winston Churchill (circa Summer 1940).W:    Sorry to interrupt you, Donald. T:    No problem, Winnie, always great to hear from my favorite P.M.  How’s your golf game.W:    Uh. Not well, Donald. As you know there’s a war going on…T:    You’re kidding me.  A war.  Nobody told me.  That’s the problem around here. I’m always the last to know.W:    Quite sorry about that.  It’s been in the papers.T:    Fake news. Winnie.  We don’t read the papers.  Banned every damn one of them. Enemy of the people, everybody tells me. W:    Uh… that may be Donald, but I’m calling to alert you that it’s inevitable that France will fall.T:    France fall?  The stock? Should we sell?W:    Not the stock.  The country. T:        Lucky I didn’t make that Paris hotel deal.W:    Now that the Nazi armies have swept through Europe, they will try to cross the... Continue reading
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Why Would Democrats Give Trump a Big Win on Healthcare?

President Donald Trump is on the ropes. He has refused to turn the corner on the scandals that have been a trademark of his first three years in office. Fresh off impeachment, he’s already mired in another scandal after tampering in the sentencing of crony Roger Stone. And thankfully, most of his major policy initiatives have flamed out in Congress. Anyone remember infrastructure week? So why, with the 2020 election just months away, would Democrats hand Donald Trump a major policy win on the most important issue in America? In 2018, Democrats were swept into office by voters who demanded action on healthcare. For years, Republicans have tampered with President Barack Obama’s healthcare reforms, attempting to make them as ineffectual as possible. Americans recoiled, asking Congress to fight for more affordable, more accessible healthcare. Now, President Trump is putting his weight behind a plan that does just the opposite. For months,... Continue reading
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P. Michael Errico and Perry White Ross & Jacobson to Create Strategic Partnership

P. Michael Errico, owner of PME LLC, and Perry, White, Ross & Jacobson have announced a strategic partnership to take advantage of each firm’s expertise in economic development project consulting. Michael Errico has decades of experience in local government and land use development, serving Prince George’s County as Director of Public Works and Transportation, Deputy Chief Administrative Officer for Government Operations and Environmental Services and its Chief Administrative Officer. Errico also served as Deputy General Manager for the Washington Suburban Sanitary Commission and has earned a reputation as a highly respected engineer and strategist tackling many of the State’s most challenging projects. Perry, White, Ross & Jacobson (PWRJ) formed in 2013 and has become one of Maryland’s leading government relations firm with a specialization in land use and development consulting. PWRJ assists Maryland companies communicate with communities and their leaders as well as navigate permitting and regulatory issues.... Continue reading
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