Laslo Boyd

Laslo Boyd

Laslo Boyd's professional experience includes serving as education advisor to the Governor of Maryland, Acting Secretary of Higher Education, senior administrator in several higher education institutions and university professor.  His work in political campaigns has involved strategic communications, public opinion polling, and development of position papers.  Dr. Boyd has consulted for a wide range of clients in higher education, government, and business.  He has provided political commentary and analysis in both print and electronic media.

Laslo Boyd: Brian Frosh -- Full Speed Ahead

When I asked Attorney General Brian Frosh to review the major initiatives that he has been working on since taking office at the start of 2015, he quickly gave me more than a column full of activities.  For anyone who watched his career in the Maryland General Assembly, it’s no surprise that Frosh is fully engaged in his new job and is not flinching in taking on issues that he sees as important regardless of the opposition. A key to Frosh’s energy and enthusiasm is, as he told me, that he loves the job.  And, despite all sorts of fundamental differences between this role and his previous one, he also loved being a state legislator.  In an era when many public officials shy away from being labeled as progressive or liberal, Frosh clearly believes that government can be a force for good.  He has always had a constant set of values... Continue reading
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Laslo Boyd: Is Ben Carson for real?

Once upon a time, there was a famous pediatric neurosurgeon who lived in Maryland.  He performed pioneering surgeries, was widely seen as an inspirational leader in his field, and had a fascinating life story.  It was hard to imagine anyone having a more glowing reputation than he had.  Ben Carson was certainly one of the best known and most admired residents of the State of Maryland. Today, there’s a guy running for the Republican Presidential nomination with the same name who looks an awful lot like that neurosurgeon.  Any resemblance to the brilliant doctor ends there. Candidate Carson is hostile to science, displays the kind of bigotry that appeals to the fringe voters of the Republican Party who turn out for primaries, has used some of the most inflammatory historical references of anyone running, and portrays himself as on a mission from God. And, yet, as of last week’s mud wrestling... Continue reading
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Laslo Boyd: What's next for Baltimore?

In the wake of Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake’s announcement last week that she will not run for re-election, the big question is what will be different as the result of her decision. That Baltimore will have a new mayor probably isn’t the big news.  There was a pretty good chance that was going to happen anyway given the deluge of criticism that has rained down on Rawlings-Blake ever since the death of Freddie Grey and the riots that followed.  In fact, given the increase in murders in the City even before the spike this summer and the faltering response by her Administration, she might have had a tough race no matter what. As I’ve written in the past, I have not been a big fan of the Mayor’s leadership.  She lacks the ability to inspire, to provide persuasive reassurance to the public in times of crisis, or to project a vision for... Continue reading
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Laslo Boyd: A Change in Educational Leadership

When I talked to outgoing Maryland School Superintendent Lillian Lowery last week, she described her new position as head of Future Ready Columbus as the opportunity of a lifetime.   After succeeding the legendary Nancy Grasmick as head of Maryland Public Schools and steering the state through an often challenging transition to the more rigorous standards associated with the Common Core, she leaves with an impressive records of accomplishments and a quiet confidence that should serve her well in her new role. In our conversation, Lowery had only praise for her predecessor.  Still it’s clear that her style is very different than Grasmick’s whom she described as a “force.”  No one in Maryland would argue with that assessment.  When I asked, she told me that she had been too busy with the many challenges of the job to worry about the shadow cast by anyone else.  In discussing her own operating style,... Continue reading
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Laslo Boyd: The End of Summer

If Peter Franchot had his way, Maryland Public School students wouldn’t be starting classes until next Tuesday, the day after Labor Day.  Marching under the banner of “Let Summer be Summer”, the Comptroller is leading a campaign to mandate that the school year not begin until after everyone has cleared out of Ocean City. Franchot has placed his considerable energy behind this effort.  Nearly 14,000 Marylanders have signed the petition he has been circulating in favor of the new start date.  Governor Larry Hogan is supporting the idea, although you might wonder whether that’s merely part of the Board of Public Works “bromance” the two are carrying on. What does he hope to achieve with the change?  Franchot frames his supporting arguments partly in terms of a positive impact on the State’s economy and partly as a chance for families to spend more time together during the summer.  His office conducted... Continue reading
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