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Mileah Kromer: The Way It Always Was and Other Resident Reflections on Letting Summer Be Summer

By: Mileah KromerLast fall, the Goucher Poll found that 71% of Maryland residents supported an after-Labor Day start date for Maryland schools. Our new poll shows Marylanders have not changed their opinions on the proposition-turned-introduced-legislation (SB 455), colloquially known as “Let Summer Be Summer”—72% of residents say they support Comptroller Peter Franchot’s push for the post-Labor Day start. The results of our last two surveys provide an indication of what Marylanders think, but our most recent survey also sheds light on why they think it. On our current survey, we asked residents to tell us why they supported or opposed the initiative; a summary of the results are found below: Next, as you may have heard, there is a proposal to move the official start date of Maryland public schools to after Labor Day weekend. Do you [support or oppose] this proposal? * Oppose: 19% * Support: 72% * Don’t Know/Refused:... Continue reading
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Tom Coale: Cut Waste, Increase Revenue, Legalize Marijuana

By: Tom Coale Regardless of what cuts Governor Hogan and the legislature agree to this year, inertia and lack of political courage are likely to protect one obvious instance of waste: the remnants of Maryland’s war on weed.  This is despite the fact that marijuana is a drug that most Americans, and most Marylanders, believe should be legal.  While enforcing prohibition, black markets have flourished, lives have been ruined, and Maryland has fostered a “criminal class” of unemployable workers who often cycle back into the drug trade due to a lack of alternatives.  Our unenthusiastic war on drugs works as a dull tool to fight crime, in the most ambiguous understanding of the word, and costs Marylanders more than they may be willing to pay considering the minimal benefits received.We are putting far too many people in jail, and spending far too much money, for criminal laws that do far too... Continue reading
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Mike Beland: Democrats are for Economic Growth—and Need to Say So

By: Mike Beland Governor Hogan used last week’s State of the State address to paint a bleak portrait of where Maryland stands. Although his win in November was likely the result of many factors, he appears to be claiming that his victory is a mandate to make Maryland more business friendly. Maryland Democrats need to help voters understand that some of the Hogan Administration’s proposals will hamper private sector activity and proudly assert that their principles are the ones that actually promote economic growth. True, our governor and lawmakers in Annapolis are faced with a $700 million budget shortfall, and Democrats will undoubtedly need to compromise in order to address it. In taking on this challenge, however, Democrats should responsibly defend their commitment to education, transportation, the environment, and health care in a manner that emphasizes how they encourage job growth in Maryland. To frame it differently plays into the narrative... Continue reading
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Carmela Coyle: Why Medicaid Matters

By: Carmela Coyle The first 100 days for a newly elected politician is a milestone of sorts, a period where dramatic change can be effected and the tone can be set for a new administration.Gov. Larry Hogan didn’t wait that long. In his first 10 days, Gov. Hogan's budget proposes significant changes to rein in spending.Over the past few weeks, individuals and organizations have pored over the details, trying to figure out just how the governor’s tighter budget will affect them. Local governments and educators are concerned, as are advocates of other worthwhile causes, like transportation and open space programs.To be sure, the governor’s proposal will touch every sector of Maryland’s economy, and health care, which accounts for one-sixth of that economy, is no exception. Hospitals, among the state’s largest private employers with more than 100,000 employees, are the key component.In his proposal, Gov. Hogan is looking to cut state spending for Medicaid — the program that provides health care to people with very low incomes — by $200 million, which requires a much larger cut... Continue reading
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Looming Crisis: A Center Maryland Series on Access to Maternity Care – Beth Laverick & Steve Raabe (Part 2)

Beth Laverick, volunteer President of the Maryland Maternity Access Coalition, and Steve Raabe, Founder and President of OpinionWorks, continue their conversation with Center Maryland, discussing the public’s strong support for the creation of an Injured Baby Fund that would help ensure a lifetime of care based on the injury itself, rather than the outcome of a lawsuit.Inside the Headlines is a video politicast featured on Center Maryland. Damian O’Doherty brings guests on the show to have in depth conversations on major news happening in Maryland. Damian O’Doherty is a corporate communications strategist, a principal of KO Public Affairs LLC and co-founder of Center Maryland.... Continue reading
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