Center Maryland Op-Doc: Columbia, MD Named Money Magazine’s Best Place to Live in 2016

Columbia was just named Money Magazine's #1 Best Place to Live. Howard County residents discuss their hopes to remain on top for the future.... Continue reading
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Featured Content: The Formation of a Strategic National Security Partnership between UMCP & UMB

University of Maryland, College Park President Wallace Loh and University of Maryland, Baltimore President Jay Perman announced the intention to create the Maryland Academy for Innovation in National Security that would support an FBI headquarters in Greenbelt, Maryland. Local leaders put forth a vision for a strategic national security partnership that will harmonize UMB and UMCP’s relevant capabilities in terrorism and counterterrorism studies, intelligence analysis, cybersecurity and high performance computing, criminology and criminal justice, homeland security law, and crisis management. ... Continue reading
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Josh Kurtz: John Sarbanes’ Crusade for Campaign Finance Reform

Gov. Larry Hogan (R) has, quite properly, won plaudits for his push to reform the way congressional and legislative district lines are drawn in Maryland. But Hogan so thoroughly dominates the political headlines in the state, it’s easy to forget that another prominent Maryland politician has an equally worthy reform agenda: That’s Democratic Rep. John Sarbanes’ legislation to create a public financing system for congressional elections. As he marshals arguments for his bill, The Government By the People Act, Sarbanes likes to cite a quote generally attributed to James Madison: “Government should be dependent on the people alone.” So to limit the influence of Big Money on elections and the American political discourse, Sarbanes envisions creating a public financing system that provides a pool of money (the Freedom From Influence Fund) for congressional contenders. Candidates who raise contributions in increments of $150 or less would be eligible for a 6-1 match... Continue reading
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Josh Kurtz: Hogan’s 70% Solution

Say this for Gov. Larry Hogan (R): He finds a way to spin every single policy debate into political gold. Hogan’s latest move, ordering public schools across the state to open after Labor Day and close by June 15, was done with his typical brute efficiency and simplicity. This is a complex and textured issue, to say the least, but not for Hogan. He’s right, his critics are wrong, and in his view they should be prepared to suffer the political consequences. Probably they will. The edict will very possibly be overturned – perhaps by Attorney General Brian Frosh (D), perhaps by the courts, perhaps by the Democratic-controlled legislature. Critics have marshaled many persuasive arguments against it. But is anyone willing to bet that when it all shakes out, even if the policy is thrown out on the merits, Hogan won’t still come out looking like a winner? And just as... Continue reading
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The Inaugural Baltimore Brain Tumor Walk: Join us in honoring loss, inspiring hope, & funding a cure

Over the last few weeks we have told the stories of a few brave children, women and men affected by brain tumors in the Baltimore area. Their journeys of adversity and unyielding hope have not only inspired, but have encouraged us to help fund critically needed research to find a cure. You can watch their stories again here: Holly, Lisa, Carol, Rose and Debra. Now, these brave fighters are asking you to join them at Canton Waterfront Park in Baltimore City THIS SATURDAY, September 10th at National Brain Tumor Society’s inaugural Baltimore Brain Tumor Walk. To learn how to register your team, watch our final video below. Sign up today at Together, we will find a cure.  Together, we will save lives.... Continue reading
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