Consumer Energy Alliance Supports the Independence Energy Connection Project

Transmission project will deliver savings and protect Maryland consumers from power outages Washington, D.C - As Maryland legislators consider the future of energy infrastructure and regulatory changes in the state’s electric market, Consumer Energy Alliance (CEA) Mid-Atlantic Executive Director Mike Butler reinforced the consumer group’s support for an energy policy that can bring affordable and reliable power to the region for consumers. As the leading consumer advocate for energy, CEA works to ensure that families – especially low-income individuals, those on fixed incomes and people living paycheck-to-paycheck – and businesses have access to the affordable, reliable energy they need to meet critical budget and payroll numbers. To ensure this happens, it is essential that our policymakers and members of the community understand the importance of projects like the Independence Energy Connection (IEC), which will create access to the electric grid for low-cost energy to move to areas that currently lack access,... Continue reading
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Dr. Michael Kapsa - To Address Drug Costs, Annapolis Should Look North to Trenton

Why New Jersey Holds the Answers to State Spending on Prescription DrugsHealth care spending is the domestic challenge of our time. America is on track to hit $4 trillion in annual expenditures. And while a figure this large can seem daunting, the price tag should hit home: $11,000 each year—and rising – if we translate it to a per person cost. I urge our friends in Annapolis to turn their sights northward, to New Jersey, where lawmakers recently devised a solution to specifically address prescription drug spending and will save $1.6 billion in the process. The proposed establishment of a Prescription Drug Affordability Board is an effort to stem heath care costs in Maryland by placing caps on state and local spending on prescription drugs. Unfortunately, this proposed approach acts as if the state purchases directly from manufacturers and, in so doing, really bungles its chance to reign in escalating drug... Continue reading
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Lawmakers in Annapolis Should Demand Greater Transparency from Pharmacy Benefit Managers

If you’ve never heard of pharmacy benefits managers (PBMs), that’s the way they like it. While they administer drug plans for more than 230 million Americans, PBMs thrive on secrecy and a lack of transparency. Yet PBMs’ shady business practices deeply impact the lives of Marylanders by pushing up drug prices and limiting access to certain treatments. In fact, while drug makers’ prices have roughly kept pace with inflation over the last few years, consumers have faced steadily rising prices at the pharmacy counter -- partly due to PBMs’ harmful business practices. In theory, PBMs are supposed to negotiate with pharmaceutical manufacturers and pharmacies on behalf of insurance plans to lower drug costs. But their role as middlemen between plan sponsors, beneficiaries, pharmacies, and manufacturers, provides PBMs with unique insights into a series of opaque transactions, and they regularly harness their knowledge to pad their profits at the expense of their... Continue reading
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Tim Lorello: How Could Tech Infrastructure Help Tackle Crime, Make Maryland Safer?

By: Tim Lorello, CEO & President - SecuLore Solutions Technology is available that can help tackle crime and give law enforcement and emergency responders another tool to help them do their jobs. Over the summer, Baltimore police began utilizing acoustic sensor technology that can remotely detect the sound of gunfire and notify officers of the exact location within seconds. Other cities, including Los Angeles and San Francisco, have widely deployed these gunshot sensors; and some have reported significant decreases in gunfire in neighborhoods where they were used. There are other tools, too. Wearable devices, sensors, and scanning technology are becoming commonplace. Advanced facial recognition, accurate license plate scanning, and fingerprint detection will help identify criminals or victims on the scene. High-definition streaming body cameras and wearable sensor-based tools will greatly improve first responders’ personal safety. Some of this equipment is currently available, but it will become more impactful as 5G networks... Continue reading
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Marty Rosendale: Trump Administration Takes a Positive Step to Lower Drug Costs, but More Action Needed from the Maryland Legislature

The rising costs of health care and patient out-of-pocket costs that jeopardize access to care for Maryland families have rightly been a major area of focus for policymakers at both the federal and state level. The Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) recently issued a proposed rule that would help lower the cost of medications at the pharmacy counter and reduce patient out-of-pocket spending by reforming the drug rebate system. Under the current system, rebates are paid by drug manufacturers to little-known middlemen called pharmacy benefit managers (PBMs). Health insurers hire PBMs to administer prescription drug benefits, negotiate prices with manufacturers, and set rebates with pharmacies. While PBMs were originally meant to lower costs for consumers, because they operate in a black box with little transparency, it is impossible to know if these cost reductions ever make their way to patients, or simply enrich PBMs. The Administration’s proposed rule aims... Continue reading
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