The List: They Said What?

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With Center Maryland having two months under our belt (and, by the way, more Facebook fans than the Baltimore Sun), we though we’d share some of the comments that we’ve received.

As you would expect of a news organization that aims to be centrist, we’ve been taking pulls from both political poles. And we’ve received some constructive criticism that we’ve taken to heart.

Here’s what people are saying:

“Thanks for this concept. We all love being plugged in and this will be a big help.”
– Managing editor of an Eastern Shore daily newspaper

“I have to tell you Center Maryland is kicking butt. It is really good and necessary work. It fills a hole that needed to be filled by someone.”
– Baltimore radio talk show host

“My Lord, once these guys leave the O’Malley administration, they have jumped on to the Republican side of the fence. I am impressed.”
– Senator David Brinkley, Republican, Frederick County, on the Marc Steiner Show

"The founders read like a who's who list of O'Malley's inner circle and the news is presented and slanted in the favor of O'Malley.”
– Memo from Republican political consulting firm Enktesis LLC

“You guys sound like Republicans.”
– Member of the Eastport Democratic Club during a presentation by Center Maryland

“I just want to say what a fantastic job all of you have done in creating this resource… keep up the good work! And if I may… Please, please, please resist the temptation (as it will inevitably, and forcefully, arise) to advocate for one party or the other at the expense of reason or the true good of the State… keep the news flowing, and keep a bright light on all the politicians, policies, and fiscal issues…”
– An Annapolis-based real estate professional

“Loving Center Maryland. It has become my first "must" read in the morning.”
– Senior Partner of a national law firm

“Congratulations on the Center's launch. I have long loved Josh Kurtz's snarky political coverage and he delivers again ... Howard Libit, too, is a much welcomed voice as the Sun becomes a shadow.”
– University of Maryland journalism professor

“Guys – you continue to impress – thanks a bunch”
– CEO, Maryland computer services company

“It is pretty sad to see some people feel the need to try to tear down the Tea Party Movement. I heard John Kerry say he would not allow a Tea Party in his town...he was talking while in Boston. Does that not sound a little out of line to you? Having been a part of the grassroots Tea Party Movement. I can tell you it is just that. Grassroots. We are The People standing up. If others are satisfied to blindly follow their political leaders into a endless hole of debt that is their problem. The Tea Party Movement is trying to protect what made this country great. Please come out of your lie induced coma and join The People.”
– Tea Party member

“Thanks for the great job. News from the center is downright refreshing.”
– Principal, Maryland engineering firm

“Excellent newsletter! Please continue.”
– Senior Vice President, Maryland bank

"I must say it was immensely humorous to myself and many others as to how quickly things can get twisted and blown out of proportion by politicos posing as journalists… Veracity is a terrible thing to sacrifice carelessly."
– Delegate Tony O’Donnell, House Minority leader
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