More than 800 Clinical Trials for New Medicines in Maryland Provide Potentially Life-Saving Treatments to Thousands of Marylanders

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A new report touting the enormous impact of clinical trials performed by the biopharmaceutical industry in Maryland specifies that 856 clinical trials are currently underway in the state creating hundreds of millions of dollars in economic activity and helping Marylanders across the state fight debilitating diseases. The report, “Research in Your Backyard:  Developing Cures, Creating Jobs,” talks about the 5910 clinical trials in Maryland since 2004 that have targeted diseases and conditions like asthma, arthritis, cancer, diabetes, cardiovascular disease and Alzheimer’s disease. 

In 2013 alone, more than 25,000 Marylanders participated in clinical trials in Maryland that had an economic impact on the state estimated at more than $527 million. And, in 2015, Maryland biopharmaceutical companies supported the generation of $27.5 billion in economic activity and 111,700 jobs throughout the state.

"Clinical trials have been conducted in every corner of Maryland, not only in Baltimore and Bethesda, the home of NIH and Walter Reed National Military Medical Center, but also in Hagerstown, Frederick, Annapolis, Rockville, Salisbury, Cumberland and several other communities. Patients and local economies from all over the state have benefited from the strong partnership and collaboration between the nation’s biopharmaceutical research companies, government and academic research institutions,” said Martin Rosendale, CEO, Maryland Technology Council.

The report, presented by the Pharmaceutical Research Manufacturers of America, was released at a “Putting Patients First” summit organized by We Work for Health, an effort to promote the significant social and economic value of the biopharmaceutical and life sciences sectors in Maryland. The partnership includes biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies, as well as state and local chambers of commerce, academic and research institutions, labor, patient advocate groups, physicians and healthcare providers. The partners work to drive innovation, research and development to new cures. The discussion at the summit centered on how to ensure the innovative research and medicines being developed in Maryland stay in Maryland in the future.

“It’s incredibly important that patients are aware of ongoing trials and learn how they can help become part of finding a cure for the toughest chronic conditions and diseases we face today,” said Nick McGee, Director of Public Affairs for PhRMA. “Maryland is one of the most active states for clinical trials in the country.  It’s an incredible opportunity for its residents to be able to be a part of these groundbreaking discoveries that could lead to cures for some of the most devastating diseases.”

In the development of new medicines, clinical trials are conducted to prove therapeutic safety and effectiveness and compile the evidence needed for the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to approve new treatments.

Clinical tests of new drugs are conducted in three phases and, on average, account for nearly seven of the more than 10 years it takes to bring a new drug from development to patients. Clinical trials are responsible for more than half of the $2.6 billion average cost of developing one new innovative medicine.

For patients, clinical trials offer the potential for another therapeutic option. Clinical tests may provide a new avenue of care for some chronic disease sufferers who are still searching for the medicines that are best for them.

Some clinical trials are conducted to compare existing treatments and some are done to explore whether a drug is appropriate for a different patient population, such as children or the elderly. Still others are conducted to find ways to make existing approved drugs more effective and easier to use with fewer side effects.

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