Venetoulis: Saving Private Biden

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To my friends in the media writing about Joe Biden’s allegation in an “impartial”
search for the “truth,”  please realize that, unwittingly, you are doing Trump’s dirty work. No matter how it’s rationalized there is no conceivable journalistic concept of “impartially seeking truth” that can encourage taking down a decent man to allow the re-election of the most evil, cruel and corrupt president in our nation’s history.  Truth and Trump do not belong in the same sentence. Trump thrives on “journalistic fairness.”  He survives because of it.  He survived the last election.  He survived Mueller.  He survived impeachment.  He may yet survive accountability for the death of thousands of citizens.  Trump doesn’t care what you say about him, as long as you drag in his opponent.  Every day spent digging into his opponents twenty year allegation, is a day Trump triumphs.  While we exhume Biden’s past, Trump continues to lie, pay off donors, humiliate decent civic servants, fire competent officials, refuse to release his taxes, plunder the Treasury, stiff Congress,  violate the Constitution, anger allies, bungle the management of a national crisis, and blame or smear anyone who doesn’t kiss the ring of King Potus.  TRUMP BANKS ON THE COVERAGE OF THE ACCUSATION NOT THE RESULTS.  Was there a more vivid example than his instructions to the President of Crimea that it was not necessary to actually investigate Biden, just ANNOUNCE  an investigation! The same cult of provocateurs who ganged up on Hillary, are now ganging up on Biden (plus disgruntled Berneyites).  Are the Russians far behind? Do you want to be part of the Trump scheme to do to Joe what he did to Hillary?  Pause for a moment and think —Four More Years?  I plead with you. Stop!

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