Venetoulis: Bring in the Thugs

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Here’s why it’s a mistake to ignore Trump’s stunning refusal to accept the election results.  

He has a psychotic objection to losing but it’s increasingly evident he can’t win.  His only strategy is to weaponize his cult.  He has access to at least fifteen law enforcement posses buried in various agencies under HIS command, not local law enforcement authorities—a b*****d militia with no chain of command or training in civilian crowd control—bursting with a thuggish relish to carry weapons, bully others and wear uniforms of authority.  He has already systematically deployed this gang of misfits on the Mexican border, at Lafayette Park and in Portland and is now plotting to provide these storm trooper services for ‘free’ to any Democratic controlled city. He is also scheming to suppress voting by purging voter lists, curtailing voting locations, encouraging Russian campaign meddling, and opposing voting by mail—that by any logic is necessary in this period of social distancing.  

All this to stir rebellion by cultists already willing to face death rather than wear masks, to enlist in a crusade against a ‘drummed’ up ‘rigged’ election. Who is to stop this raging bull whose absolute power has absolutely corrupted him?   Congress?  He refuses to honor any legislative oversight.  Impeachment failed.  The Courts are iffy.   Republicans are spineless.  Barr is Goering without a white uniform.  Pompeo is a stuffed lapdog.  Graham is a duplicitous flunky and McConnell is a professional dolt.  

Trump’s remaining tactic is to turn America into a Banana Republic—to launch a ‘coup’—sanctioned by a despotic administration,  enabled by a gang of Gestapo appointees, and led by a psychotic President—Mussolini unbridled—floundering, flailing, an-out-of-control malignant narcissist.  To prevent the coup, what the nation needs is not a call to arms but a call for a massive civic resistance and a voter turnout so gigantic it will dwarf any election landslide since Nixon carried 49 states, 61% of the vote and 520 electors.  John Lewis would have called it ‘Good trouble...Necessary trouble...’

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