Ted Venetoulis: Ode to a Lame Duck Loser

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Donald Trump did not win. He is a lame duck President.  He is a loser.  He is a sore loser.  He is a poor sport.  He is in debt.  He is being sued. Civil. Criminal. In a few weeks he will be private citizen. He will pay his own legal fees.  He will not have executive immunity. He will not be Commander-in-Chief. No nuclear code. No Air Force One.  No Kennedy Center Box. No car caravans clearing traffic. No lobbyists paying for the privilege of sucking up. He will not sit behind the Resolute Desk in the Oval Office. He will no longer show off Executive Orders. His name will no longer be on stimulant checks. He will no longer throw paper towels to Puerto Ricans, fire dedicated civil servants, insult patriots, withdraw from treaties. Murdoch will dump him and he will not got get a Noble Prize.

And this week, Joe Biden delivered a deadly blow to his ego. Biden made him irrelevant. Biden does not need the funds a petulant Trump is withholding. He does not need office space. He does not need briefings. He does not need his Administration’s legally required cooperation. He does not need Trump!

Trump can send in the clowns to recount votes or fight in courts, but he is finished. He is left with a ragtag group of Senate bootlickers, a motley militia of gun-toting dregs, a clubhouse clique of political Muldoons and a crowd of cult followers steeped in conspiracy theories, falsehoods and fairy tales.

Farewell, Oh, Leader.  May there never be another like you.   

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