Know Your Candidates: The Background Check in Baltimore County, Part 2

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Center Maryland continues its review of court records for candidates seeking local offices around Maryland. Today, we feature second half of the candidates for Baltimore County Council.

Too frequently in the past several years, unfortunate disclosures have emerged from court records about candidates – after the election has already taken place. So over the next few weeks, Center Maryland is going to publish the findings from its Maryland court record checks on the candidates and provide links to review the electronic files.

In many instances, the records seem relatively minor, and are unlikely to affect voters’ choices. For other candidates, the charges or civil lawsuits seem more serious. Center Maryland hopes this will inspire voters, or members of the print or broadcast media, to ask some additional questions.

Click here to review the court records found for Prince George's County executive candidates. And here and here are examinations of the court records for the Prince George's County Council candidates.

The court records for the Baltimore County Council candidates in Districts 1 through 3 can be found here. (Please note that a candidate in District 1 has submitted an explanation for the domestic abuse allegation that was filed against him and then dismissed.)

For Center Maryland, Ben Waldron – a recent graduate of Tufts University – has been leading this records project.

If candidates want to add their own explanations for the court records -- or if they believe that the records are in error -- please email us your thoughts or comments at . We will add your comments to the website. And if you think we missed an important case involving one of your opponents, you're welcome to email Center Maryland, too.

Baltimore County

District 4

Jack Becker - D

Antonia Fowler - D

Kristy Herring - D

Julian Earl Jones Jr. - D

Leronia A. Josey - D

09/04/2001 - Hayes, et al Vs. Josey. Civil case that was eventually dismissed.
An email explanation from Leronia Josey's campaign: "The plaintiffs in this case were dissatisfied that they had either been left out of a relative's will or received less than they'd hoped, not with actions by Ms. Josey. She was sued in her capacity as Personal Representative, not personally. The Baltimore Orphans' Court upheld the will. The plaintiffs appealed, then withdrew the appeal and paid the costs, and Ms. Josey completed probating the will."

Penny McCrimmon - D

Kenneth N. Oliver - D

01/05/2009 - State of Maryland Vs. Oliver. Oliver was indicted for stealing from campaign funds and failure to maintain separate account book for petty cash. Oliver plead guilty and was fined $2,500 and given probation.

10/07/2009 - Citibank Vs. Oliver. Contract claim. Judge ruled in favor of plaintiff in the amount of $8,703.69.

District 5

Mike Ertel - D

01/10/2008 - Baltimore County traffic system. Failure to display license on demand. $40 fine.

01/18/2008 - Howard County traffic system. Failure to stop at a stop sign. $90 fine.

09/26/2008 - Baltimore County criminal system. Failure to obey properly placed traffic control device, failure to display license on demand. $188.50 for fine, costs, and security.

10/21/2009 - Howard County traffic system. 77 mph in a 55 mph zone. Eventually fined $67.50.

Gordon Harden - D

05/21/2001 - Mayor and City Council of Baltimore Vs. Harden. Contract suit. Harden ordered to pay $610.45.

11/30/2001 - Mayor and City Council of Baltimore Vs. Harden. Injunction. Consent judgment.

05/29/2002 - Mayor and City Council of Baltimore Vs. Harden. Foreclosure rights of redemption. Harden ordered to pay $121,052.04

07/26/2002 - Progressive Air Inc Vs. Harden. Mechanics lien. Judge ruled in favor of the plaintiff in the amount of $54,684.02.

04/25/2003 - Mayor and City Council of Baltimore Vs. Harden. Foreclosure rights of redemption.

04/29/2003 - Maryland State of Comptroller of the Treasury Vs. Harden. Civil suit. Harden was ordered to pay $2,161.14.

09/26/2003 - Mayor and City Council of Baltimore Vs. Harden. Contract suit which was ultimately dismissed.

05/17/2004 - Maryland State Of Dept Of Labor Licensing & Regulation Vs. Harden. Civil suit. Harden ultimately ordered to pay $2,422.67.

07/14/2004 - District Court for Baltimore City - Civil Citation System, Housing Authority. Property not clean and sanitary.

7/22/2004 - Director, Office of Budget & Finance for Baltimore County Vs. Harden. Contract suit. Harden ordered to pay $297.11.

07/30/2004 - District Court for Baltimore city - Civil Citation System, Housing Authority. Rodents, pests not exterminated, Failure to maintain property, Violation of Maintenance Codes, Door on Garages Missing.

11/17/2004 - Life Changing Ministries Vs. Harden. Foreclosure rights of redemption. Case was ultimately dismissed by plaintiff.

02/22/2006 - Maryland State Dept of Labor Licensing and Regulation Vs. Harden. Civil suit. Harden ordered to pay $402.37.

Editor's note: Due to the large number of cases involving Harden, only significant cases since the year 2000 have been included.

Bill Paulshock - D

06/16/2005 - Baltimore County Criminal Issued citation for DO BUS W/O TRADERS LICENSE.

04/06/2009 - Watkins, et al Vs. Paulshock et al. Tort case against Paulshock's company, Bill's Seafood Catering. Case was ultimately dismissed with prejudice.

David Marks - R

District 6

Cathy Bevins - D

04/16/2004 - Johns Hopkins Bayview Medical Center Inc. Vs. Cathy Bevins. Contract dispute. Case was ultimately dismissed.

Todd Schuler - D

Stephen L. Verch - D

Ryan Nawrocki - R

11/16/2007 - Baltimore County civil system. Domestic violence protection order. Nawrocki ordered not to abuse, contact, or enter the residence or employment of accuser.

Andy Peet - R

District 7

Charles "Buzz" Beeler - D

12/28/2007 - Baltimore County Maryland Vs. Beeler. Administrative Agency Appeal. Case was ultimately dismissed.

John Olszewski Sr. - D

Editor's note: Some candidates who are in elected office are named as defendants in lawsuits against the government. Those lawsuits have usually, but not always, been excluded from Center Maryland's review.
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