State Sen. Brian Frosh, a candidate for Attorney General, joins Center Maryland to talk about how the Attorney General can help keep Maryland business competitive, recent legislative successes and his strategy on the campaign trail. Each Monday, Center Maryland has been sharing a series of in-depth conversations with the leading Democratic candidates for Attorney General. Today is the final part of our interview with Senator Frosh. Look for the final segment next week with Del. Bill Frick.

Center Maryland: Inside Out is a video politicast featured on Center Maryland. Lisa Harris Jones joins Damian O’Doherty to discuss Maryland’s growth, investment and infrastructure policies with various political insiders and elected officials. Center Maryland: Inside Out brings political realities to the forefront of the discussion, advancing reasonable and responsible ideas.

Lisa Harris Jones is an Attorney at Law and Lobbyist, Member and Founder of Harris Jones & Malone, LLC.

Featured Co-Host: J. Joseph "Max" Curran, III, member of Saul Ewing LLP.