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Towson University Celebrating 150 Years: Dr. Timothy Chandler, Provost & Vice President for Academic Affairs, Part 3

In the final installment of Towson University’s Provost Dr. Timothy Chandler’s conversation with Damian O’Doherty, he describes the vitality of the university’s student activities. TU has amazing arts and athletics programs, and the university welcomes the community to all events. Dr. Chandler explains that even beyond the immediate Towson area, the university is hugely beneficial to Maryland. Its Regional Economic Studies Institute (RESI) estimates that Towson University contributes $1.6 billion to the economy.... Continue reading
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Josh Kurtz: The 74 Percent Solution

Thank you, Gov. Hogan. He wants thanks for keeping the peace after last year's Baltimore riots? There, we’ve just said it. Thank you also, Governor, for reminding us how petty and thin-skinned you can be. Thank you for showing what high regard you have for yourself and what little regard you have for the concept of separation of powers. Thank you for revealing that you view tackling urban problems as an annoyance, rather than a responsibility and an opportunity. Thank you for continuing to use last year’s Baltimore riots as a dog whistle to those of your supporters who have a healthy fear and loathing of the majority-black city. And thank you for interpreting high poll numbers as license to do what you want -- and to delegitimize legitimate dissent. At a time when the Maryland political community was understandably focused on last week's primary results and associated fallout, as Democrats... Continue reading
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Towson University Celebrating 150 Years: Dr. Timothy Chandler, Provost & Vice President for Academic Affairs, Part 2

Damian O’Doherty continues his conversation with Provost Dr. Timothy Chandler. He describes the university’s appeal, as the growth campus of the University System of Maryland. He also explains the university’s cooperation with the community and the shared goal of keeping the growth and development of student housing on campus.... Continue reading
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Josh Kurtz: Franchot Finds His Footing

Peter Franchot wants you to know: He’s still a Democrat. Estranged from the party establishment for what seems like forever, the state comptroller convened a meeting of 20 or so Democratic elected officials, party activists and thought leaders from across Maryland at his stately Takoma Park home on Sunday afternoon. On a day when most politicians and party stalwarts were engaged in frenetic, last-minute pre-primary campaign activities, Franchot brought this group together to discuss the future of the Democratic Party in Maryland – and by implication, his own. It’s hardly news that Franchot has infuriated many Democratic leaders – and some party allies and activists – by cozying up to Republican Gov. Larry Hogan since Hogan’s surprise election. Franchot’s every move seems calculated to poke a finger, often gratuitously, in the eye of top Annapolis Democrats and potential Hogan challengers – conveniently failing to mention that he himself has been a... Continue reading
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Donald C. Fry: A $15 Minimum Wage and the Law of Unintended Consequences

Back in the 1930s a Harvard-trained sociologist named Robert K. Merton published a paper that examined why deliberate acts intended to cause change (typically intended for the good) sometimes result in unintended (bad) outcomes. The result of Merton’s work has since been referred to as the “law of unintended consequences.” More than a few books on sociology and economics contain interesting, and at times humorous, examples of how this theory has played out.  A telling example is the release of rabbits in parts of Australia to boost the hunting business. Unfortunately it also resulted in gullies and other environmental damage from an explosion of the critters undermining farm fields and other terrain. This leads us to legislation proposed earlier this week by Baltimore City Councilwoman Mary Pat Clarke which would raise the minimum wage in the city to $15 per hour by 2020. Like the rabbit release, passage of this bill... Continue reading
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