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Towson University Celebrating 150 Years: Dr. Timothy Chandler, Provost & Vice President for Academic Affairs

Provost Dr. Timothy Chandler, former Interim President of Towson University, speaks with Damian on the Whiting-Turner Bridge in honor of the university’s sesquicentennial. The university has come far since it was first founded, and to celebrate its anniversary, TU is placing markers to honor the stages of the university, with a particular emphasis on its education and teaching programs. Dr. Chandler calls the university a “workforce workhorse” because of the huge labor and economic benefits its students and graduates bring to Maryland.... Continue reading
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Sponsored Content | Towson University: The Big Event

The Big Event is Towson University’s largest day of community service where students give back to the community by serving local homeowners and non-profits. This highlight video provides some insight into what drives students all across campus to contribute.... Continue reading
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Josh Kurtz: Primary Preview: The Resurrection Will Not Be Televised

If former Baltimore Mayor Sheila Dixon winds up losing her comeback bid in the Democratic primary next week, what will analysts say led to her defeat? There of course could be many factors, but one of them may be her relative lack of contrition, six years after resigning for pocketing gift cards meant for poor children and accepting lavish gifts from a developer she was dating. A little-noticed email she sent to supporters on Easter Sunday drove that point home. If you read that email a certain way, far from being contrite, Dixon seemed to compare herself to Jesus. “The resurrection is the greatest comeback!” – she wrote, calling Baltimoreans “conquerors,” not unlike Jesus’ disciples, equipped to overcome “whatever fear, despair or disappointment you have.” “Together, we will Reclaim, Revive, Rebuild and Resurrect our city,” she promised. Although she has trailed slightly in the most recent public polls, Dixon could still... Continue reading
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Donald C. Fry: Updating Penn Station is long overdue

In late February at a Congressional committee hearing with Amtrak officials, U.S. Rep. Elijah E. Cummings expressed frustration that Amtrak hasn’t made much progress toward creating concrete plans to redevelop and upgrade Penn Station in Baltimore. "We need that station to be an economic engine," Cummings was reported by The Baltimore Sun to say at the February 26 hearing of the House of Representatives' Committee on Oversight and Government Reform. "For nearly a decade there have been many fits around the station without any actual starts. … In no way does it serve as the anchor point for Baltimore that it could and should be." The Maryland congressman was in some ways channeling the frustration that many in the Baltimore business community feel about Penn Station. Updating the station is a project that is long overdue. The five Amtrak-owned land parcels totaling 37 acres that are either adjacent to or near the station are underutilized... Continue reading
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Towson University Celebrating 150 Years: Mike Ertel of the Greater Towson Council of Community Associations (GTCCA), Part 2

President of the GTCCA Mike Ertel and Damian O’Doherty discuss the relationship between Towson University and the community. Towson is unique in having a large university with a lot of resources, and the university brings vibrancy to the community. Programs like the Big Event, a community service collaboration between the GTCCA, university, and Chamber of Commerce, benefit both students and Towson residents. According to Ertel, the open dialogue between the GTCCA and Towson management is critical.... Continue reading
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